Sneakerology for college credits…nice!

We’ve come a long way since the first pair of Chuck Taylor’s.  Sneakerology, developed by Elliot Curtis, is an actual accredited college course that examines the cultural aspect and design element of the famed rubber mammoth.  As a fashion phenomenon, I have seen the cultural shift that has allowed them [sneakers] to infiltrate weddings and all other sorts of functions that typically require shoes and sport coats.  I mean they are called SNEAKers, so I guess they have snuck their way into to cordiality.

As an admirer, you can never get enough of them, and to esteemed collectors, a corridor that most resembles the basement of a sneaker store is generally their walk-in closet.  Going to the mall or fashion arcade will have you wondering of just WHAT will they think of next as masses of pubescent teens line up in droves to shell out hundreds of dollars for the hippest rubberized creations.  Yes, it’s a mild form of insanity, but it’s culture, right?

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