Welcome to the DJ Rio official website titled The DJ Rio Blog. You may know of me through my Flight School radio sessions on WNYU’s 89.1FM The Candystore Radio Show with my partner T.O. Sweet, or you may have caught one of my eclectic sets at some sporadic venue around town in a dimly lit space.

What will you find on this site?

Tidbits I’ve gathered from around the web that pose as fascinating subject matter to the denizens of concrete-jungle metropolises alike from the past and present.  It features art, cool stuff, gadgets, funny tales, and a lot of strange things that drive us mad, but can sometimes make us stop and wonder as to how we put up will all the bullshit.  Mainly though, this site tends to focus more on the constant changes made in the science of DJing.  You will reminisce of its golden days as its roots sprung from the analog realm of the ones and twos towards its evolution into a digitized tech-phenom that has changed the face of live performance mixing.  The DJ has become a controllerist, and the advent of usb-midi based controllers has opened many new doors for taking avid listeners to new heights!

Why the focus on DJing?

The art form of what is labled as DJing goes way beyond the widely underrated generic title of DJ, for it is way more complicated than that identity;  we are the blenders, the voyagers, the visionaries of sound, and extreme vibe-ologists with a passion for expanding the frequencies of the mind by the mixing sounds while creating a seamless interpretation of rhythm.  This audio collage of sound is just in the early stages of being understood by the masses, so I am just here to drop the footnotes along the way and remind those who already know, and educate the ones that don’t.  It is pretty damn stellar, and you either get it, or you don’t.   I have been at it for over 25+ years, and I am always finding new sounds and sources that always keep the turntables spinning!

What are the Flying High Radio Sessions?

About a couple of times per month, you will be able to hear a continuing journey of podcasts known as The Flying High Radio Sessions.  Continuous mix shows that I put together with whatever current technology I can get my fingers on as a DJ, programmer, and controllerist.   You can find the links, listed by the mix number, on the tab marked Flying High Radio Sessions, located just under the page header.  I hope you enjoy the shows and thanks for listening and visiting my site!

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey man…was a regular candy store listener. I had a tape you mixed back in the day from early 90’s (broke probably 12 years ago). I’ve been looking for a few of the tracks and am hoping you can help. The only one I remember without hearing is one that has a girl going ‘I’m so strung out …I’m so…i’m so…work me work me’. Crazy hard ass house. On that same mix is DB-X – Back 2 Da Beat [Ghetto Trax EP]. Any ideas what track that is?


  2. Thanks for the quick response. Hopefully it’ll come back to you…that mix was great, NY house at its finest.

    Looking forward to some old skool sets!

  3. Wow! It’s great to see that you are still up and running!
    I’m definitely an admirer of you talent! I was also an avid Candy Store listener between 1996-1999 before I left NYC for the military! I still listen to a few old ‘candy store’ and even ‘club 89′ shows during workout sessions. You were also gracious enough to listen to my reminiscing of those time when I met you in 2006 at the record store on 8th street. I bought a few mixed CDs from you and I’m still rockin’ them!
    Good blessings to you and if you have info on the whereabouts of ‘Sweet’,

    • Thanks Don! Sweet is fine and doing well. We always stay in touch seasonally. I miss those days when we had the helm of delivering great dance music through the local airwaves of NYC. Thank you so much for all your praises! I started this website to continue the tradition from my perspective. I hope you enjoy it and tell everyone and anyone about it ! THANK YOU !

  4. Wow! The Candy Store! Used to listen to it along with “The New Afternoon Show” and “Plastic Tales” and “Crucial Chaos.” WNYU had some amazing programs!

  5. It’s great to see that your greatness is very much alive and well!
    I still play my digitized cassette recordings of they”Candy Store ” shows from the mid-late nineties!

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