Another teaser from Native Instruments

Screen shot 2014-08-31 at 11.27.31 AM

It look likes another set of bright lights and big moves as Traktor maker, Native Instruments, set their sights on a new piece of hardware that will bring more studio production tactics to live performances.  The average DJ is no more.  We must now wait and see what all these brief snippets of buttons are.  “COMING SOON” …. dicks.


3 thoughts on “Another teaser from Native Instruments

  1. Maestro,
    How do you keep abreast of the current music featured in your mixes? Case in point, Joey Negro’s “Only Time Will Tell”. Gorgeously underground music like this is not easily found by the average (classic deep house) listener, so it begs the question: Where do you find it? Must we have as strong ties as yours in the industry, or are there other sources novices can utilize to find the goods?
    If it weren’t for your mixes, I would have believed this type of deep house was long extinct. Thanks for bringing it to us and don’t ever stop…

    • Well, the industry has lost its cast iron shell. There are 2 sites to get good deep house: Traxsource and Beatport, but you ear and your patience will have to sift through a ton of crud! When I formulate my mix, it is the product of several layers of listening filtration, and I can only grant a multitude of thanks for listening and giving me a taste of the spotlight! Much love.

      • I agree. Beatport can be overrun by mediocrity, with the top-shelf stuff tougher to find. You have an exceptional knack for picking the quality stuff for your sessions!
        Do you still make club appearances, or keep it strictly online?

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