Nas “Illmatic” Gold Edition

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 10.34.05 PM

We are entering a new age of buying music with pounds of love to spare.  The folks over at Columbia Records (remember them… they actually signed hip-hop once) have released a limited edition 24-Karat gold audiophile mastering CD edition of the famed hip-hop classic Illmatic by Nas ($40).  For a few dollars more, there is also a bundled LP package.

What gives this piece its substance is its custom cherrywood box and hardcover book(let) that comes with it.  Now, there’s only one issue with most consumers:  they have to put down their digital media players and dig up their CD players.  I would hate to see a forty dollar 24K gold disc sucked into a PS3 or cd slit-feed device.  I like the old school slide out tray with the pronounced eject button.  May I recommend the Marantz CD5004 to allow for maximum enjoyment.  This is starting to sound like a condom ad!




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