The godfather of electronic dance music speaks out

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Georgio Moroder discusses the magic and beauty of the 120bpm range in dance music.  He is one of the collaborators on the upcoming Daft Punk album that is gaining promotional momentum through a series of minimalistic ad spots.  Are we seeing a slow phase back into the disco sound that everyone has been shredding with indignity for the past few years?  Well, it appears that Daft Punk looks to be heading in that direction, but overall, this clip is more importantly about one of the true pioneers that helped shaped dance music from the ground up, and I mean ground up from the task of aligning analog instruments in syncopation with the bleeps and tones found in some complex synth devices mad epopular by Mr. Moroder’s timeless classics.  It was the peanut butter to chocolate for dance music.  A time when techno disco grabbed its share in the pop charts.  Music and fashion do have a funny way of repeating themselves over time…

3 thoughts on “The godfather of electronic dance music speaks out

  1. Italio-disco lives on! So many good groups coming back this year: Empire of the Sun, Phoenix, as well as Daft Punk. Have you ever heard of a band called Weekend Players? They had this great track called “Into The Sun”…wish Super Discount could make a come back as well :(…

  2. Great track. The remixes will no doubt amaze, given the varying textures going on. Video reminds me of the film “Melancholia” by Lars von Trier. Speaking of films, I was wondering who was featured on ur mix #523, at 19:43 being interviewed about their film. Sounded a bit like Denzel, but wasn’t sure. It’s been hounding me for a while now…

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