Numark NS7 II gets a date with Serato


The original Numark NS7 system was built like a rock, and it featured a true vinyl feel with motorized decks that have a realistic turntable feel with their weight.  Although it was a nightmare for portability, it still stands true as being one of the best integrated digital DJ systems.  So Numark has decided to give it a proper makeover with just a touch of some Pioneer, for fans of the DDJ-SX, by adding some multi-colored pads designed by Akai and incorporating 4 channels of control with filter knobs and a pretty receptive LED meter showcase in their latest creation, the Numark NS7 II ($TBA).  The best part that may appeal to newcomers is that it does not rely on a laptop for use, so you may want to test drive one at your local DJ store.

This is by far the best controller from Numark I have seen to date, and I think it is a bitter shame to leave Traktor users in the dust, but it does score big with its motorized platters and layout functions.  It even has a on board sampler to boot!  This model may find its way as a permanent fixture for clubs and bars, but don’t let any tipsy patrons with drinks anywhere near you and your decks!  NICE JOB NUMARK !

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