Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro


Headphones come and go, but as you get wiser with age, you only owe it to yourself to seek out that ONE PAIR that may be your path to eternal solitude when you need some serious mantra time with yourself.  The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro ($249) features bass reflex sliders that can be adjusted to compensate the amount of air flow to simulate a pretty hefty bass sounding experience.  I have seen some other brands that can easily draw up in the thousands to attain a brilliant sound, but this model is pretty generous for the asking price.  I would not recommend it for DJing, but it can be used for producing and some one-on-one sound absorption sessions when you seriously need to stay away from the mayhem.  Don’t expect the most sturdiest of construction, but it is very well designed for a long haul of upkeep.

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