Submotion Orchestra: Fragments

I have just heard some amazing tones from this group’s latest endeavor titled Fragments.  If you want to have a nice sort of after party to Portishead’s Dummy or are mellowed to the tee with some vintage Air’s Moon Safari, then you may want to submerge yourself into the splendor of Submotion Orchestra’s Fragments.

It’s amazing formulation of jazzy, ambient, dubstep, transitioned with the evercool and crisp vocals of Chris Hargreaves weaved together in a timeless tonal balance of pure orchestral genius.  The drum machines will spatter violently while the warm jazzy riffs and frosty vocals balance out the calm that meets the storm.  You need this type of shit hittin’ your ears -trust me!

My favorite song of theirs is called “Angel Eyes” from their previous album Finest Hour:

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