Meet the “Phablet”

There’s still plenty of fanaticism surrounding Apple in their Jobs postmortem stage, but aside from a smaller iPad, a sleeker new iPhone 5, and a credit card looking iPod Nano (they should have never abandoned the wrist watch design), I still like to pay attention to the so-called game changers in the wondrous world of tech.

So along comes Samsung with their gargantuan screen size offering at 5.5″ with their Galaxy Note II (the sequel).  And when it comes to sequels, this one’s like Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, so if you’re not a sci-fi head and have no idea what I’m referring to, all you need to know is that they did their homework and got it right, but in a hybrid way.  I read this word in another review, and they called it a “Phablet”;  part phone, part tablet.  Although it may not be huge screen when compared to the mother of all tablets, the iPad, it still clocks in some serious screen real estate when web browsing or goofing off with games and media.  I don’t know if you’ll actually catch me reading a book on it, but I will peruse a few articles without being jealous of fellow iPad owners while I make a phone call, video call, or have fun texting and taking photos and videos.  But if I actually do decide to do some reading, it may give the Barnes & Noble Nook a run for the money.  ALL ON ONE DEVICE- JUST ONE!  Sure, I know it’s big, but if you are gonna compare the iPhone 5 as a standard, the Galaxy Note II  just takes it up a modest notch by being slightly wider and slightly longer.  This phone will be a huge benefit in the business world, and it may make cargo pants the standard article of clothing if you don’t want that nerdy holster smacking up against your thigh.

But another bonus is the stylus pen, and I was just as horrified about seeing it as you probably are reading this, but Samsung has used it in a very non-nineties clever way by enhancing the overall user interface.  I know it may be a little hard to swallow, but you must see this video to see what I’m talking about:

Is it cool looking?  NO.  Is it a game changer?  YES.  Will you get a lot of shit done on it?  DEFINITELY!

Apple should have taken the hybrid move first, but in the wake of a blood curdling 1.6 billion dollar lawsuit with Apple, Samsung is dusting off their shoulders and making another strong stride in the phone and tablet marketplace.

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