Reviews are in: Jawbone Big Jambox is the best portable speaker system, for now…

Minimalist design always wins in my book.  Especially packed with a subtle monochromatic touch.  But we are not just talking about design when entering the realm of sound quality when looking for a boomin’ sound system.  I usually like to wait it out and hear what the people have to say when it comes to speakers, and the Jawbone Big Jambox ($299) ,released back in May, is taking all the props from many proud owners.  Besides being a wireless Bluetooth masterpiece, here are some key features that set it apart from most models:

– Its bigger and louder than its predecessor, the Jawbone Jambox
– It runs for 12 hours on a single charge
– It is only 2.7 lbs.
– It is also a speakerphone
– it has a patented LiveAudio feature to simulate a 3D listening experience
– features are enhanced and updated by the user with software via USB cable

I do not own one, but if you want the best set of portable speakers you can pack with your skateboard or travel pack, don’t be afraid to spend the extra dough.

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