Pioneer takes a stab at DJing via wireless

You are looking at the new Pioneer XDJ-Aero ($999).  It boasts a mere 2 channels, looks fierce, and has the trademark Pioneer buttons that has made them famous in booths around the globe, but under the hood, Pioneer is giving DJs a game changer by incorporating wireless technology with their very own mobile app to load music WIRELESSLY on to the player from any mobile device or pad.  Also, they have managed to make the unit the thinnest DJ controller on the market.

Personally, I love to see technology moving forward in new directions, but I just can’t see professional or reputable jocks flipping through their smartphone to load tracks in the middle of a massive jam-packed club.  Also, in this day and age, 2 channels just doesn’t cut it!  I am sure they have trial and tested it to perfection, but every good DJ should be prepared with their playlists in their drive of choice or in their computer, so I guess they are chasing the amateur market with their new baby, and they have notoriously set another massive suggested retail price by asking for a grand, or 10 C-notes.

By integrating its own WIFI network, it may give a whole new meaning to taking requests when some idiot tries to send you a cheesy techno track through his or her phone while you are experimenting with your degrees of soulfullness in your DJ cubicle.  I don’t think you’ll be finding this in the clubs, but it will make getting drunk at bars and weddings more interesting.

Still- it’s a game changer!

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