Stanton ditches the minimalist DJ controller approach for their new DJC.4 controller

At first glance, this unit echoes the resemblance of Reloop’s Jockey series, but under the hood Stanton gives curious would-be controllerists a definite bang for the buck.  Their new DJC.4 controller weighs in at a modest $350 and delivers 4 channels of audio, and amazingly offers stubborn CDJ and vinyl junkies the option of integrating their analog equipment along with their digital DJ setup.  In case you missed it folks, it is also a fully fledged STAND ALONE MIXER, but you can only run two analog channel sources at a time.  Stanton kind of slid past their minimalist touch-sensitive approach to controllers and have steadfastly resorted to a meat and potatoes frame of mind with their latest offering.

According to some other reviews, the unit is built like a tank in a, modestly put, rock-solid housing that features push button encoders with jog wheels that are sized adequately for those who still embrace the awesomeness of scratching.  I personally would like to see an extra pair of channel faders when faced with 4 decks playing simultaneously, rather than switching from A/C or B/D, and I would also like separate buttons for setting loop lengths like that found on the game changing  Novation Twitch rather than the standard knob incrementation with the push-to-trigger function.  Another mild disappointment is the lack of channel strip LED’s to signify what channels are playing live, but on the plus side is the ability to change out or mod the crossfader without having to dissect the unit apart.  The unit also comes quipped with Virtual DJ LE software, which is an unbridled comparison to the offerings found on Serato or Traktor.  Stanton also claims that the unit also can control video decks to integrate a simultaneous video hookup, but it seems that Stanton’s greatest highlight is the modest asking price  of $350.  I would definitely put the DJC.4 at the top of the heap for beginner DJ’s and future controllerists who can’t afford to shell out the dough to get in on a piece of the action.  Good move Stanton.  Price matters.  I hope other companies can hear that…

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