Magma Laptop Stand: Riser Model

It looks a bit on the geeky side, and is no contender for any design award, but at $40 the new Magma Laptop Stand Riser certainly is no laughing matter.  Modestly priced and built fairly well, you can actually have the option of juggling two of these in one bag, in case you decide to have your trusty DJ controller leveled to the occasion.  The stand can be adjusted, and is a little bit on the clanky side, but the modest price point helps the unit sell itself, and it appears that it can be trusted to stay where you need it to.  …Good boy! 

I still firmly believe that $150 is a stab in the heart when it comes to a laptop stands, but the folks over at Magma have put two and two together to crank these babies out to all the DJs at large,  coupled with an excellent price point to match.

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