Traktor Kontrol S2 surfaces

The heads up at Native Instruments have just introduced their version of the ipod nano to their ipod for those who found the Traktor S4, its predecessor, a bit too pricey at $899.  So they made things a little more simpler for beat novices by trimming down some bulk and removing some buttons (WHY DID THEY FU*&$IN’ GET RID OF THE FILTER !! ! ! ! ! )

The Traktor S2 will sell for a few hundred dollars less ($599 street) and will still maintain the same S4 integral design that has won a multitude of DJs over to the digital controllerism lifestyle.

Being a technical man, smaller has its price, but it does lower the bar for spending for beginners.  You can still muster up to 4 decks at a time but are limited to just 2 physical faders.

For a more in-depth review, check out this link from the folks over at DJ Tech Tools.

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