The Warriors movie makes me miss the real NYC

It is the late seventies in a grimy run down metropolis called New York City, the Big Apple.  The rest of the good ol’ USA is lining up to watch Kramer vs. Kramer, Alien and the Amityville Horror, but all the street hip-hoppers and thug dwellers of the hippest city in the world decked out in Pro-Keds and Lee jeans are eagerly lining up in droves to view a small little film that embodies the darkness of the city’s youth gang culture.   The $3 movie ticket takes viewers on a journey into the vast intricacy of a dark and desolate underworld comprised of steel tracks and tunnels, making up the large complex subway grid.

It has held itself  steadfast for the last 32 years as a metropolitan cult classic that clearly draws the borderlines between the five boroughs.  You see, back then, if you were out of your domain, you were worlds away from the comfort zone that was called your turf or your hood.  Brooklyn was another country, and the Bronx was the cornerstone of hip-hop, known at the time as rap music. There were no transit police, no “off-hours waiting areas,” no cell phones and, most of the time, no air conditioning.  The windows were always left open and the big metal fans blew the rancid air downward as you covered your ears around those loud screechy turns while immersed in a colorful bath of ink revealing the who’s who of all the neighborhood graffitti artists.  All for for a mere 50 cent token.

Other films have etched the city’s dark transit system like the Taking of Pelham 123 and The Incident, but none have captured and mesmerized the hearts of NYC’s youth like The Warriors.  Caaaaaan you dig it !

If you haven’t seen this movie, you are not a New Yorker in the true sense.  You owe it to the greatest city in the world as a study in cultural affairs to devote 2 hours of your life to view this widescreen classic.

FILM FACT:The memorable Central Park scene with Cyrus was shot with actual gang members from various crews (gangs) as extras with hardly any security present.

Also, there’s a fanboy site fully loaded with goodies you might wanna check out here.

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