Steve Jobs: The end of an era

I’ve been a mac user ever since the Commodore 64 ended its reign as the super computer of its day.  My first one was the Macintosh Plus (pictured here with Steve).  I bought it used off some guy that worked in the UN for a few hundred bucks from his home.  Anyway, I used it to design my first record label pressing, way before there was such a thing as Photoshop or Illustrator.  It had its signature printer called the Imagewriter that made more noise and fed out pages at the rate of bacteria growth.  I can only remember feeling how bastardized I was for owning one.  I often kept getting- “Oh… you’ve got one of those!”  “Why didn’t you just get a PC?” “They’re cheaper…”  But I stuck to my marbles and rode it out even through the Mac cloning era, when they decided to allow third party companies to produce hardware.  When the shit hit the fan for the company, fanboys at a Macworld expo were treated to a live video feed of Bill Gates announcing that he would put up some of his own stash (dirty Windows money) to bail out the rainbow bitten fruit.  Yeah- people were pissed, but as a devoted Apple user, you knew there was something around the corner… Then, along came this little white metallic box that would single-handedly obliterate the Sony Discman and render the analog realm of purchasing music obsolete.  It had a weird name, and it had a maximum 10 gig capacity.  It was dubbed the Ipod.

And before you knew it, the world started to think different

Well, that was how most people remember the Steve Jobs era.  A showman.  A bohemian.  An innovator.  A marketing genius.

All I can remember is just how cool it was to be a Mac user and stay true to the game.

Thanks Steve- for finding some fucking way to keep it all together!

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