Reebok Jurassic Park Instapump Fury

I have seen many movie themed sneaker collabs. You have Adidas trying and trying, over and over again, to win me over on a seriously dapper looking Star Wars themed shoe. I have seen Ghostbusters, Nightmare On Elm St., Peanuts, Marvel, and DC, but I have to give it up to Reebok, of all people, for nailing what I consider to be the best damn movie-themed shoe: The Reebok Instapump Fury OG Jurassic Park ($200)

Now, as far as looks, it is a bit tough to match it up with some jeans and tops without trying to quietly blend in with your daily motif, but Reebok, I am impressed. Spielberg should be wearing these to the next Awards banquet if he gets nominated for his West Side Story remake. These shoes have won me over as probably the most amazing design of a movie themed shoe, and is one of a few in their Jurassic Park lineup, for which I might add that the other choices pale in comparison.

So tread carefully, and keep in eye on the side rear view mirror cause these shoes are scheduled to drop July 30th.

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