The Warriors 5-Points & Deluxe Action Figure Sets

Mezco has unloaded a 5-figure diorama from the throwback metro classic seventies movie The Warriors ($50). The set comes in a sealed printed box, which I find very disappointing. I would have preferred an open see through type of packaging rather than a dull Cracker Jack “Toy Inside” type of box. The set comes with a nifty backdrop of an old scummy train platform straight from NYC, minus the graffiti. No sleep ’til Brooklyn!

In tandem, Mezco is also releasing a more detailed and pricier One:12 Collective The Warriors Deluxe Boxed Set that includes Ajax, Swan, and two Baseball Furies ($275).

There is a lot to be said here about my childhood. Warriors merch can never get any better for old skoolers from NYC who wanna make a statement about an underground world gone by in a dingy, rat infested, metropolis. Before Transit cops, before smartphones, and metro cards, I can speak for most of us who lived it that, back then, you needed balls the size of watermelons to ride those outer borough train lines past midnight.

I do not know if the deluxe version has the more interesting backdrops, but like everything in life, you get what you pay for.

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