Iconic Adidas Superstar gets Legoed

The Adidas Superstar shoe is iconic to the birth of hip-hop in NYC. Yes, Run-DMC popularized it and filled Adidas’ coffers with plenty of Benjamins, but the rap trio, in no way, broke out these shoes. It does bother me a bit that these iconic shoes have been branded to Run DMC and haven’t been praised enough for representing a generation of hip hop in NYC: Uptown, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The Superstar debuted a whopping 52 years ago in 1969, and may have been one of the worst basketball shoes ever made. No ankle support, too much unnecessary weight, and no comfortable cushioning. But that all changed in the eighties when sheepskin coats and bomber jackets needed some spotty footwear to accompany them. Add a fresh pair of Cazal glasses, some fat laces, and you’re ready to go.

photo: Jamal Shabazz

In honor of this amazing cultural icon, Lego is planning to release a 731 piece Lego Adidas Superstar ($80). What I find incredibly funny and ironic is that the Lego set costs less than the current price of the shoe on the Adidas site. L M A O.

And if that ain’t official enough, it all comes in a shoe box. With three stripes. Perfect. Thank you Lego.

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