Atari Re-strike !


An amazing design for what appears to be a new streaming Atari System called The Atari VCS ($tba), but don’t expect it to surface anytime soon.  The company is still in talks with developers and other affiliates to nail down what it will offer to the gaming community.  Judging from the throwback controller on the right, you should expect to see a lot of classic arcade titles from the coin-op days, and with the open source Linux base, I am pretty sure you can throw many [MAME] emulators its way.  Streaming is streaming… I guess at this point when it comes to media, just about every product out there offers some form of streaming.  What I would like to see is some hunkering down from Atari on some serious conceptual game play titles.  All we can do is wait and see.  If  you are that eager, there is a wait list you can sign up for.




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