Photographer’s or filmmaker’s safety net


This outdated looking Gameboy clone is called the Flash Porter ($199 & up w/ pledge).  Think of it as an extravagant SD card with its own backup feature.  It basically runs on its own internal operating system, so it can allow for a smooth transition of files from your device’s memory card to be stored safely without the need for a tablet or a laptop.   Comes in three storage sizes up to 2TB.

If you have a tablet that you always roll with, you might be reluctant to consider this device, but if you’re always on some adventure and worried about how much to carry, this might be what you’re looking for.  I can see the photographer or filmmaker needing this device without having to lug around more gear.  It copies fast and keeps your pictures or video footage tucked into its innards securely up until you’re home or in the studio to begin work.

I have not seen any solid reviews, but my main concern would be if it can take a few hits, dings, and drops.  I saw a similar device a few years ago for about $400 -not worth it when compared to a tablet.  Also, as a Mac user, I hope there’s no bug with the operating system.  If the folks over at Flash Porter keep the price under $200, it might be a potential hit for travelers.



Yes, the design looks a bit dated.

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