One Stormtrooper action figure to end them all… all of them!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.34.29 PM

These are some amazing Japanese Star Wars 10″ action figures from a company called Play Arts Variants.  They have taken all that is dark and applied it to full richness and substance.  These little plastic play things are an amazing vision of a darker, more sinister, Star Wars universe that we can only dream of.  Each one sells for about $125, so choose wisely and hope for that Japanese Yen to fall off.  Star Wars Play Arts Variants ($125)

FIG-KAI-9162_04 FIG-KAI-9162_07 FIG-KAI-9162_10

FIG-KAI-9163_05 FIG-KAI-9163_06 FIG-KAI-9163_09 FIG-KAI-8662_05 FIG-KAI-8662_01 FIG-KAI-8662_08

FIG-KAI-9666_05 FIG-KAI-9666_01 FIG-KAI-9666_09

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