Why Pole Dancing should be an Olympic event


1416254742054_Image_galleryImage_Pole_danceAm I admiring the grace and form of a world class athlete/gymnast, or is my inner pervert finally emerging straight outta my primordial carcass?  The NFL, Americano Futbol, is engaged in a quest to get more women viewers, so I set forth the decree that the Olympics need to spark the attention of more male viewers, so why can’t this male bonding phenomena popularized in strip joints be inducted as an Olympic event?  And why must we refer to it as pole dancing?  Can we be a bit more civilized?  You take out the wrinkled dollar bills, turn on the flood lights, and get rid of the reek of cigarette and liquor, and you’ve got a serious Olympic-worthy art form that will spark the mass flooding of the virile of men and the curious, or most possibly, the bi-curious of women, glued to their TVs, mouths gaped wide open.  It may even give some non-medal worthy countries a chance to grab the gold and get to the top of the podium!  Why don’t we just call it the vertical ballet or the vertical beam routine.  I like that.  Gravity never looked any better!
As I am writing this with tears in my eyes, meet Karo Swen and Sokolova Anastasia.





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