Boardwalk Empire The Complete Blu-Ray Collection

Gangsters, gamblers, politicians, whores, businessmen, and hitmen.  Caught in a Prohibition era where the booze switched hands and crossed many borders.  Alcohol,  America’s prized narcotic of choice, served up in all the “Tea” houses and night clubs serves as the backdrop for this once forgotten world.  You had the Italian mob, the Jewish gangsters, the crime bosses of Harlem, the Chicago crime syndicate, and many other notable forces that made their rounds along the Atlantic City boardwalk.  Caught in an era way before the Trump and the Tropicana.  The Complete Boardwalk Empire Blu-Ray Collection ($240) will drop on May 19th.  You get all 56 episodes on 20 discs plus loads of extras:

  • Building The Boardwalk – Executive Producer/Director Tim Van Patten and crew discuss how the Atlantic City boardwalk was brought to life
  • Shooting The Series – Learn how the look of the series was developed through conversations with Directors of Photography Jonathan Freeman and Bill Coleman
  • Designing The Series – Production Designer Bill Groom and Set Decorator Carol Silverman discuss their process and the challenges faced in creating the authentic look of the series
  • Visual Effects – Whether bringing to life Atlantic City or Havana, Cuba, Visual Effects Supervisor Lesley Robson-Foster illustrates the creation of some of the show’s award-winning visual effects
  • The Final Shot: A Farewell To Boardwalk Empire – A look back with the cast and crew as they discuss the origins of the show, their favorite moments and more (NOTE: not exclusive to the box set)
  • Anatomy Of A Hit – Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Terence Winter, Executive Producer/Director Tim Van Patten and Executive Producer/Writer Howard Korder discuss the choreography for some of the series’ most murderous hits (NOTE: not exclusive to the box set)

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