Bonobo – The North Borders Tour


Bonobo is the brainchild of Simon Green, and for the past few years I have had the pleasure of throwing down some of the group’s tracks on a few of my mixes.  Just like some of my undefined moments from my mixes, it lacks a true labeling identity for its genre defining moment, layered behind a mixture of eclectic beats and tones, topped off with some warm blacker than thou soulful vocals.  To simply stamp the word chillout on their work would be an abomination to the the experienced ear and an insult to the true meaning of the term deep.  Deep it is, as Bonobo has brilliantly evolved into an incredible audible masterpiece of a band on stage in their latest North Borders Tour Album, so when you don’t know what to listen to, but want to feel good and spectacular, look no further and expose your mind to a copy.  You can sample the album HERE

Here, take a whiff:

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