Toothtunes: Idiocracy at large.

arm-and-hammer-tooth-tunes-boy-large-4I am all for kids embracing music, but do we need to have a tune playing toothbrush that acts as a secondary mp3 player???
Toothtunes ($9) encourages kids to pump up the jam while they pump down some toothpaste.  It’s a mini-boombox sportin’ some of the cheesiest pop tunes to get them going in the morning, but what is most disturbing about this contraption is that it actually “blasts” the music through your teeth – “straight to your head!”  Mind control?  Subliminal messages?  …You be the judge, but before that, be a smart consumer and stay away from the bullshit.  We could live with slightly less technology.  I’d stick to a musical toilet paper dispenser at best.




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