Tripped out Middle Eastern rugs by Faig Ahmed

faig ahmed 4

Can you say woven?  Artist and textile junkie Faig Ahmed has a brutal passion and artistry for combining traditional Middle Eastern rug patterns with touch of abstract digitized kaleidoscopic treachery, resulting in some pretty jaw dropping masterpieces that are on show in his traveling exhibit.  As far as purchasing one for your foyer or corridor, you may have to think twice about spilling the old Chardonnay or getting rug stains out of the pricey stitchery.

Some thoughts with Mr. Ahmed:

“Our opinions and decisions are resulting from the influences of our childhood. If we could know all the details of someone’s life we could easily predicted his reactions and choices.
Tradition is the main factor creating the society as a self regulated system. Changes in the non-written rule happen under influence of global modern culture.
The carpet is a symbol of invincible tradition of the East, it’s a visualization of an undestroyable icon.
In my art I see the culture differently. This is more of expectation of a reaction because it’s exactly the change of the points of view that changes the world.”

faig ahmed 5


faig ahmed 3




faig ahmed 6



faig ahmed 1



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