DJs, FORGET ABOUT IKEA!!! Meet the Brick Box.


Furniture designed with moving in mind.  Perfect for those $3K studios in Manhattan when you need to ditch your landlord!

Anyway, these milk-crate styled shelves are actually the most brilliant modular design pieces I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in action.  Mind you- his Castilian accent is killing me, but the subtitles poignantly capture his design ethos for creating the most minimal solution for containing and managing one’s artistic clutter.


The Brick Box ($TBA) crates range in a few discrete sizes, but when stacked together,  they look like one custom designed wall piece.  What makes the design so interesting is that each case that sits above the bottom row of cases comes with these pegs that literally snap into place like Lego bricks, and it can all be stacked without the need for wall supports or anchors, so it will leave your freshly painted wall free of marks or holes, and the handles, which are an integral part of the design, make shifting or moving a breeze.  What takes the amazin’ factor to the highest level is that there is no need for any tools!  Holy shit!  Did I just say that?

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 10.52.58 PM

Each Brick Box is made of rugged birch-plywood and is built to withstand the weight of vinyl, coffee-table books, and other heavy items that encompass your design studio of choice.  Your inspirational material will be safe from harm.

Watch the video in awe – just as I did!

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