Aircraft grade aluminum vintage Nintendo system (NES)

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 7.30.46 PM

A company called Analogue Interactive is paying homage to one of the most endeared classic video game systems of all time, the Nintendo NES and Famicom.  Their redesigned system is made out of aircraft grade aluminum with a few added bells and whistles under the hood for smoother startups, but don’t expect any hi-definition graphics or changes in the game flow.  There are no cheap parts here, so you will be treated to some reliable results from the ports and cartridge interfaces. Get ready for some good ol’ old-skool quality gaming.

The system is called the Analogue Nt ($TBA), and it runs on the cartridge library, so there won’t be any type of emulators.  It will be released later this spring.

And as an added bonus, here’s a 2+ hour video of every Nintendo game boot-up intro!


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