Honey, I love you… but I don’t feel like typing


$2 in the Android App Store will get you the BroApp and a swift kick to the side of your skull when your girlfriend finds out.  BroApp is an app that sends pre-typed messages to your humble pie of choice automatically throughout the day to keep the relationship status level on the plus side.  Could something this shallow really help improve your relationship status?  Well, the makers of BroApp feel that it deserves a place in the market to give women a piece of mind and alleviate those insecurities by electronically ensuring that their lovey dovey is always thinking about them, even when hanging out with the bros.  It also lets the user enter his sweetheart’s contact numbers and wi-fi network info so BroApp won’t launch a text while you’re together or if you have just called.  Slick, but totally degrading, but very interesting?  “Babe, how was your day?”  ; )


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