1TB flash drive surfaces (a coming of age story)

kingston-datatraveler-hyperx-predator-1tb-usb-3-0-flash-drive-p-n-dthxp30-1tb-ds-dh-1This is the new Kingston HyperX PREDATOR 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive ($2,000) that costs more than a Mac Pro laptop, but just the thought of having 1000 gigabytes in a thumb drive seems like we are forging on ahead of our time.  It can read data at a blazing rate of 240 megabytes per second and can write at 160 megabytes per second. And, YES, it is fucking expensive!

As a DJ, I am blown away knowing that I can have 250,000 songs attached to my key chain.  If you happen to have 250,000 songs, that is.  You can also opt to store 120 hours of video or flip through 200,000 photos.  If you happen to have 200,000 photos, that is.

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