Another overpriced Pioneer CDJ

zoom_cdj_900nxs_1_lThis time it’s the CDJ-900NXS, priced at a mere $1400 per deck, and that’s without the mixer.  What do you get for your bucks?  The same old usual CDJ mechanism, but with a color screen and better looping controls.  Oh yeah, and NOW you can actually see your album artwork…yay!  It’s funny how Pioneer is slowly evolving their signature decks to look more and more like a Traktor layout.  If you do not own a laptop [you poor sad bitch!], then you might be gravitated towards purchasing 2 of these and a bullshit second rate mixer as an alternative, but you will still be missing plenty of pieces to the puzzle in the production and remixing phases.

I still don’t know why they charge so much! ! !   I would rather see myself paying for a dual integrated unit for around $1000 -much like the move Numark made with their NS7ii model.

People argue that you get the CD player engine in return for your dollars, but isn’t it all the same old shit when you perform: playin’ digital files off a plastic aluminum disc, OR playin’ digital files off of flash memory or hard drive, which can store more for a fraction of the price and use up less space.  If you are more comfortable with cds, then please be my guest, but I just can’t see the need for all those gears and motors if you have digital files to play, whether .mp3 or .wav!

In all, it is an impressive, but severely overpriced piece of hardware that falls short to the dynamics of what current controller technology offers in the marketplace.  Save your money and enjoy the product demo.



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