No they didn’t… Star Wars sex toys


Oh behave, you wookie !  As the Star Wars marketing mayhem has managed to forge through many galaxies far far away, one facet remains unscathed up until a man named Balazs Sarmai decided to give some galactical conceptual sex-toy ideas a poke.  So far there are three for the taking- if you know what I mean… but I’m sure more will follow.



I also thought of some clever Star Wars sex toy marketing names:

RU-2Tired______ Feel 3-PO_____ Dark inVader_____ Porntrooper______

Princess Lay-a______ Hand Solo______ Luke Spotstalker______ Obi Wan Doggy______

Mace Candu______ Darth Maul (duh!) ______ Emperor Clitorine ______

Sorry, I could not get a twist on Yoda, but that’s a lot of dildos to create!


Remember, these are just concepts, so don’t exhaust the google search engine.

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