Rode iXY for some seeerious field recording


In my last post, I featured Audiotraks ATM10-1insanly priced $35 portable microphone, so while we’re on the subject, I thought there might be a few of you out there that probably want to take it up a notch, so meet Rode’s iXY stereo microphone ($199) made specifically for Apple devices.  Unfortunately, based on the pictures I saw from their site, it has the older 30-pin iOS interface, but I’m probably sure that there will be a thunderbolt adapter in place sometime soon.

When you get down to the quality of the recordings, this little devil will give $600 field recorders a run for the money.  It has 2 condenser mics phased at 90 degree angles to capture a more truer stereo experience.  In mastering, we call it stereo imaging.  You cannot ask for better quality in microphone technology, and the option of just carrying the mic itself in a small satchel as opposed to taking up an extra cargo pocket with another gadget makes this product the top contender in the market.  Of course, you may miss some important business calls if your field recording sessions are a bit long…

ixy_03And if you’re into video shoots, it also doubles as a movie sound mic.


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