Hammerhead bicycle navigation system


If you’re one of those pesky Manhattan cyclists, then you probably would not need one of these due to the simplicity of NYC’s street numbered grid system, but if you want to tackle some of the outer boroughs like Queens, for instance, whose street names and numbers could even get carrier pigeons lost,  you might need one of these Hammerheads perched atop your handlebars.  The Hammerhead bicycle navigation system ($80) , made by a company called Dragon Innovation, syncs up to your smart phone’s mapping system through its very own custom app, and the rest is a visual LED powered light show that actually guides you to your destination through a series of signal flashes, which indicate turn queues and point out road hazards, and the icing on the cake is the built in headlight in case it gets too dark.  For delivery workers and messengers, it may be a godsend to increase efficiency, and for joy riders it may be a handy useful tool for tracking trail info to share with fellow riders.

The folks over at Dragon are reportedly sold out at the moment, but I’m sure it will get some serious distribution, so you may most likely wind up at your local bike shop or Apple store.


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