Donna Summer Remix Album: A Complete Disaster



I usually don’t like to knock on certain projects, but I just was exposed to the biggest compilation of an insult to the Queen of disco and the Godmother of dance music, Donna Summer -may she rest in peace…

The newly released Love To Love You Donna Remix Compilation ($10) is about 90% of a disaster, and the reason I attest to my brash opinion of this really sad remix project lies in the poorly produced remixes, and the lack of pure inventiveness after having some access to some of the most brilliant dance classics of our time.

Donna Summer certainly deserves more than this load of crap after being posthumously honored and inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  You’d think that the timing of releasing a remix album by today’s EDM standards would be a fruitful endeavor with today’s massive technology, but looks and sounds are clearly deceiving.  Her smooth amazing vocals coupled with the legendary sounds of producer Giorgio Moroder have been misused and wasted by the hands of some whack-ass DJs and producers.  This is what happens when there is no real payroll for remixers, and what you’re left listening to is digital mayhem by a bunch of no talent ear blown twits that will grab at anything for attention.  Might I add that the band Hot Chip decided to slow down the tempo of “Sunset People” into some crappy loungy-electro-wishwash.  How could you take the energy out of that tune?  Are you fuckin’ kiddin’ me???  That record is a floor-filler.

The biggest problem with this album is that it cannot make up its mind on whether to go underground or commercial, and what is dreadfully sad is that most of these remixes sound more commercial than the originals!

Honorable Mention:

The only track that clearly deserves some liking is remix of “Hot Stuff” by Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper in their Director’s Cut Signature Mix.  I did also enjoy the “Last Dance” remix by Masters at Work, but it sounds a bit dated, probably because it has been lying in the vault since the mid to late nineties.  The rest of the tracks on this compilation need to be grabbed and dropped in the trash can icon.  What a shame!

Sorry Donna!  Get Barbara Streisand in the mix.  “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”  They are ruining your shit!

3 thoughts on “Donna Summer Remix Album: A Complete Disaster

  1. …and that, my friends, is a RANT.
    Maestro, on a unrelated (or perhaps related) note, would you indulge your fans with your top three most favorite songs EVER? As a music aficionado, it’s next to impossible for me to narrow it down to three, so I’m curious to know what yours might be.

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