Daft WTF?


Screen shot 2013-09-06 at 5.06.32 PM

I just saw this post from a fellow facebooker that features a teen Korean rock guitar god named Zack Kim playing what sounds like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.”  What raises the skepticism level a few bars is that it appears to be his own original piece, and that his internet performance of sorts was recorded back in 2011- way before “Get Lucky” debuted.

Now as you may know, the now famous product of Daft Punks collaboration with Pharrell and legendary producer Nile Rogers has sold quite a bit of units over this past summer, and you can pretty much hear it anywhere you can grab a drink or a dance.  It has also snowballed worldwide, so Mr.Kim may be entitled to his bitter share of some Daft spoils. It clearly sounds like his YouTube post may have been a little TOO INSPIRATIONAL for the French duo, provided he lands himself a good lawyer to prove it.  The only reason I’m a bit awed over this entire spectacle is that I didn’t think too highly of the much anticipated album [Random Access Memories], and it sounded like a bit of a knock off of another French duo band named Air, except for the one song “Get Lucky.” {FUNNY}

With over 300,000 hits on YouTube and counting, it may be a hung jury for the Daftsters, but I believe they should just come clean and admit to the traditional modus operandi of all DJ’s/electronic producers: where nothing that can be sampled or replayed is ever left sacred.  A bit of compensation should resolve this issue, and I’m sure they’ll have enough ram chips to keep their masks on for their next up and coming project.  Did someone say GET LUCKY?

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