GEEK Headphone Amp


A new USB powered device called the GEEK Headphone Amp ($299 at launch) promises to boost the gain signal of your laptop audio output by 10X, and it also claims to deliver a more spatial listening experience with some sort of 3D chip along with some breathtaking quality of audio that is 128X better with plenty of bass to kick, but was is most intriguing about this device are the creators behind this product sitting at the drawing board: Light Harmonic, makers of another device that is a DAC (digital audio converter) known as the Da Vinci, which retails for around $20,000.  That is $20K just in case you thought that was a typo.  To put it short, these guys are essentially audio gurus that cater to a dying breed of uber audiophiles that are accustomed to owning six-figure audio systems.

The GEEK is currently in Kickstarter mode and has already surpassed the pledged goal, but you can still pre-order one for about $139 to avoid the estimated launch price.

… Very interesting how they have flipped the msrp scale.  I just hope it rocks.

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