“Game”changer iPhone case

slideshow1Phone cases have come a long way since the nineties, and now that the gaming platform is allowing normal sized cellular devices like the iPhone 5 and other Android models like the Galaxy S4 the ability to pull the processor power needed to heighten the whole gaming experience, there still leaves a void in actually harnessing a built-in controller on a device without taking away precious screen real estate.

Well, the folks over at Zagg, makers of iFrogz cases, are introducing a pretty unique iPhone case called the Caliber Advantage ($60) that literally slides open to reveal a stereo set of joystick controllers along with buttons and sliders.  The phone of choice can also be rotated 90º from landscape to vertical, depending on the design of the game app, so serious gamers will feel right at home blasting away. The whole beauty of the design traces to its main function as being a protective phone case,  but now you’ll get the added bonus of essentially turning your smart phone into a more hardwired gaming device, giving the Sony PSP or Vita a serious run for the money.

So far, it looks like it will debut this fall solely for the iPhone, but I am pretty sure there will be a few Android models slated on the horizon.

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