Omni Virtual Reality Gaming Platform

color-locomotive_with-zdepth-e1370323677994Your next workout might involve some weapons.  With the Sony PS4 and X Box One on the horizon, a company called Virtuix is saddling up to take a more hands on approach to a submersive virtual reality gaming experience by the incorporation of a 360º platform built for specially modified soles that will allow players to physically run, walk, and possibly jump on their virtual terrain of choice.  You must see the video to not think I am crazy! The Omni Virtual Reality Gaming Platform (Kickstarter pledge $349 or more) is an add on to the Oculus Rift gaming glasses (posted earlier).  It certainly is enough to train future militia from hundreds and thousands of bedrooms across the globe, but this is a classic case where the fun will outweigh the addictive symptoms of video gaming abuse.

And here is a battle simulation from the videogame Half Life 2


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