Stuck on Star Trek ! ! !

Stuck_on_Star_Trek_coverWhen I was a kid growing up, we had this toy called Colorforms, which were basically these vinyl rubber stickers that could be removed and re-applied onto various scenario surfaces that was available with every “themed” playset.  The playset was basically just a scene still from your favorite movie or show.  We had Batman, Lone Ranger, …. ehh…. you get the point…

Anyway, some Trekie decided to put together a Star Trek original series activity book called Stuck on Star Trek ($19)  that kind of fllows where those Colorforms left off.  It features Kirk, Spock, and the usual motley crew of space misfits, including some disposable “Yoman Johnsons” that are destined to get spared at your own will within your backdrop scene of choice.

stuck-on-star-trek-sticker-sheetGetting old and nerdier could not be more quaint and misguided, but this creature comfort can be a lot of fun while smashed up on some Romulan Ale.  Oh, did I also mention that it also comes quipped with those pesky Tribbles!  Nerds unite !

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