Shit just got real ! (LaWS)

ht_navy_laws_weapon_tk_130804_wgFolks, SILENT BUT DEADLY is not just for farts any longer.  At the wake of this Memorial Day weekend passed, you are looking at an actual Laser Weapon System (LaWS) that the U.S. Navy is using to combat drones- aka man-less flying aircrafts.  Below, is an actual demonstration video that showcases the entire system at play that utilizes the combined power of 6 different lasers acting together to track and render an aircraft in flight while disintegrating a vital portion of its mass to sustain flight.  The result, a messy fireball barreling out of control and crashing.  Environmentally speaking, it’s kind of what the gas chamber did for the electric chair!  This is pretty fuckin’ scary…  All we need now is some crazed drug lord or militant cult leader to get their hands on this technology.

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