The other dogs of Hip-Hop


I am not a pitbull hater, but you can thank a certain faction of the music business that has thrashed this breed with its brash marketing technique to woo young ghettophiles into raising these creatures as lock-jaw terrorizing machines in hoods across the globe.  I have heard more and more local stories of pitbull attacks, and the one in particular that really struck a chord was when a grandmother was clinging to her granddaughter with all her might as an unleashed pitbull took to the streets and was frantically trying to pry the girl away while walking home.  The owner of the dog showed up, but the cops never did!

Why has this breed been continually lurking in all the wrong places and being used more as a weapon rather than a timid creature for self defense?  Irresponsible owners that subscribe to the mediocrity that is fashioned through he likes of hip hop covers and other sources of garbage through the media.  Smoking weed makes you lazy, so taking a hungry pair of pitbulls for a stroll may be the equivalent of drunk driving.  Maybe we should lobby for pitbull-walking-sobriety-tests!

But let us put the spotlight on one of the most positive things life has to offer: MUSIC.  How on earth can this type of mediocrity in music continue?   We have the gall to post the infamous Parental Advisory branding on hip-hop albums, but we seem to overlook the presence of threatening pitbulls posing as an emblem of power and respect.  This is a form of brainwash marketing to onlookers and has set a trend for a recipe of terror as young ten year olds take to the streets with leash in hand in demand of a few pound slaps of respect.


If I had enough money to buy diamonds and a lavish sports car, why on earth would I even need a pitbull?  Aren’t professional bodyguards and a bulletproof ride enough to do the trick?  So, with that in mind, I leave you with some parting shots:






If you want a pitbull, FINE, but be a responsible owner and do not use this creature as a tool.  It is just a pet.  Also, live up to the responsibility of dealing with an attack and FACE THE MUSIC!!!

Keep that in mind when you google-search: mauled by a pitbull (WARNING: images are not for the weak)

BE LIKE BANE !  (actor Tom Hardy & his pitt)


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