Banksy The Man Behind The Wall


Reporter Will Ellsworth-Jones takes a crack at earth’s most clandestine artist in this 336 page odyssey.  Call it a biography or perhaps a cultural analysis of one man who commands the interests of local bystanders and avant-garde art collectors.  If you haven’t seen my praise and post of the offbeat documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop, which features the quick talking promoter/faux-graf-artist Mr. Brainwash, who carves out his own piece of street art gallery-show spotlight from his days spent as the unofficial videographer of the man himself;  you may want to get a taste of the Banksy’s high jinx and flavor for art before reading this book.  But, if you want to get to know more about the enigmatic artist responsible for some jaw dropping global “vandalism”, this may be the best piece of reading out there:  Banksy: The Man Behind The Wall.

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