Exit Through The Gift Shop; honorable mention

This is nothing new to the masses, but I just want to give an honorable mention to one of the most amazing and entertaining documentaries I’ve eve seen: Exit Through The Gift Shop

If you are familiar with prankster/street artist Banksy, you might have already known about this masterpiece documentary that defines the artistic integrity of street art.  To call it Graffitti would be an understatement.  It has the clandestine street artist mastermind named Banksy narrating the most peculiar story about a French man named Thierry Guetta, who transforms himself from shop keeper to wanna be amateur film maker to pseudo artist extraordinaire, Mr. Brainwash.  But, at the wake of his meteoric rise to glory, he may be a jack of all trades, but a master of none.  It also features the work of some other famous street artists that have had their credibility brushed with the company of Mr. Brainwash, but at the end of it all,  you gotta admire the fact that Mr. Guetta saw a crest of a wave and rode it all the way to his share of the spoils.  Does he steal the spotlight, or is he just a street hustler who charms his way to the top.

If you have not seen this documentary, run out and buy it, rent it, or get it downloaded or streamed.  You will laugh your ass off!!!  Spray can not included.

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