My thoughts on the PDJ (Portable DJ System)


Did you say portable?  There are many ways to skin a cat when it comes to the dynamics of portability for DJs.  In this case the PDJ handheld system ($600) may be the biggest whack in the face to the artistry of DJing, and may be a little too portable for my blood.  While it fits in the palm of your hand and features two touch screens with a center control platform, it can allow the user to mix 2 channels of audio, tweak EQs and effects, and can allow for some simple music production with its built in sequencing and arranging option.  But how does it perform?  I saw a few spotty demo videos, and I am truly un-amazed with its impotence in the DJ arena.  I really don’t know who the unit is designed for???…  If I had $600 to spend, I would invest in a much more enriched performance tool currently available on the already-saturated DJ controller market.  If you want this little gizmo as a production tool, you may be stuck with making some pretty awful digital play thingies called tracks, or you can look forward to composing some truly annoying ring tones for your smart phone. which will fight this unit for space in your satchel.  As far as revolutionary, I am speechless.  I think it is cute, but it should have been marketed for kids with a price tag below $300. [ Just my opinion]

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