FastRack makes bashes much more civilized

You have animals drinking beer wildly, and they leave a trail of bottles from the inside of your shoe to the top of your coat rack.  They love you, but they don’t care about the wake of their alcohol consumption left behind.  So, rather than making the cleanup more chaotic, a couple of young lushes have come up with an idea for a product that can organize the consumption chaos.  The FastRack ($TBA) bottling system will keep those empty beer bottles nicely uniformed for recycling or disposal.  If you buy cans, then fuck off !  (Just kidding!!!)


They’re stackable and the drip tray that looks like a litter box catches all the backwash and gook.

3 thoughts on “FastRack makes bashes much more civilized

  1. Hi Dj Rio Blog,

    Thanks again for the IndieGoGo Post. We have had big success with the homebrewer market with orders going out all over the US and now orders going into Europe next week to Spain & Portugal.

    We have a new website going up tonight which includes homebrewers with a new video coming out next week for them. I was wondering if you could change the IndieGoGo link to in your post? We want to put a direct link on our website to it linking your page.


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