About my mixes

Flying High Radio Sessions HOUSE FUNKTION GUEST SET

It’s been one hell of a year, and I would really like to thank everyone who has listened to my Flying High Radio Session Mixes (FHRS), so I would like to just point out (in case you didn’t catch on by now…) a few things to help you understand the format of my sets:

All the Flying High Radio Sessions are numbered:

The EVEN numbered mixes are usually harder and heavier techno-based, averaging at about 128 BPM (beats per minute)

The ODD numbered mixes still have a touch of hardness,  but tend to run a little on the deeper and slightly soulful side of tech-house, spanning anywhere from 116 BPM and up.  Some people call it “loungier”, but call it whatever you want.  To me, it’s all some good shit!
Each Flying High Radio Session Mix has an average run time of 2 hours and up.  The last 30 minutes are usually devoted to more experimental electronica, featuring some amazing variations of percussion that may be best classified as “lounge” or “chill out”.  I like to call it mind-bending-mental !

You can follow me and hear all the FHRS Sessions on MIXCLOUD by hitting the “FOLLOW” button.  I am under djrioNYC if you need to do a search on that site.  I am also listed on Mixcloud under D.j. Rio , but there are no mixes under that ID.

On Soundcloud, I am listed as DJ Rio (NYC) , and all the new sessions will be posted on there too, but for a limited time only.

Expect a lot more posts along the way, and enjoy them all as they come!

Thanks for all the love, and keep listening ! ! !


2 thoughts on “About my mixes

  1. Hi, I am helping my high students make a water sculpture and I saw the picture of your turntable in water and was wondering if you could help us out. How did you make it? Not the turntable part but the base that holds the water?



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