MoMA inducts video games as an art exhibit

It is a time capsule of enormous proportion in the eyes of cyber-holics.  A time when walking into an arcade meant a few quick fixes for a handful of quarters that would slowly consume your attention to the point of voyeurism.  We were young and eager to drop our hard earned allowance money on blips and beeps and bragging rights.  So does this vast acceptance translate into a cultural identity in the vast chasms of the art world.  Well, apparently, the minds at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) think so as they plan on staging an “art” collection that will eventually encompass a total 40 classic video game titles, compiled for artistic merit as opposed to popularity.  Also, they are not strictly going to feature coin-ops, but some classic home system relics.  I don’t know if Space Invaders (pictured top) made the list, but it is one of my favorite gems of all times and THE gamechanger  of the 2D blaster genre next to Asteroids.

The only downer to MoMA is the pricey admission, but you will love the gift shop, and I am pretty sure they will have some related artifacts from the exhibit, so look out for some promotions.  Foe more info CLICK HERE

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