Still DJing with CD’s ????

I am not a hater by any means, but I see many folks dropping some hard earned G’s on those Pioneer products that are such a professional standard for clubs, but just in case you wanted to know at what level the digital folks are at, here’s the latest offering for mixologists via Traktor: Remix Sets downloads. ($5)  Not only will you play the track, but you will perform it live with all the parts or stems separated and color coded with the F1 controller pads.

So if you are still bragging about your wonderful CDJs and your wonderful CD-R flip case, you had better think twice when going up against the new digital empire that is revolutionizing the role of the DJ.  We are no longer playing tracks.  We are now creating live remixes and live productions.

So all you proud Pioneer CDJ owners might want to hit the eject button after reading this!!!

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